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Achievements: Alumni

Lynn Tan

YONLYNN aka Lynn is a performing artiste, a musician, and also a daredevil.


Lynn is deeply influenced and inspired by human connection, nature, and the application of sound and music in life. Lynn acknowledged her ultimate calling towards music from the voice she found when she traveled. She is an accomplished vocalist - the lead singer for FAZZ, a 7-piece exuberant piece of band, RAIJIN, a JRock/Pop cover band, part of vocal groups Harmonize and The Voices in Your Head, and also part of Koir Kebangsaan Malaysia. She traveled to cities like Shanghai, Perth, Xiamen, Bali, Tokyo and Seoul for various performance setups.

Lynn is also an active performer of the music theater scene in Kuala Lumpur. Her credits
include April in COMPANY, Rapunzel in Into The Woods, Blossum Lum in Cheras The Musical, featured ensemble in Merrily We Roll Along, The Producers, The Wizard of Oz, Empress Wu The Musical, Butterfly Lovers The Musical, Uda & Dara, and more.

In 2011, Lynn stepped into the world of television production. Through TV, first-hand experience was discovered to be gold, allowing her to attend the opening of Marina Bay Sands, report/host a 4-episode travel coverage in Turkey, experience life on a tall ship with the Royal Malaysian Navy and deliver a special report about vending machines in Osaka, and the list goes on.

She acts as a co-producer / broadcast journalist / writer / assistant producer and also runs the floor for talk shows Bella (ntv7), The Breakfast Show (ntv7), travel show Hip-Hoppin Asia: The Saga Continues (8TV), entertainment show - Perang Bibir (TV9), lifestyle documentary Glam Raya (TV9), LaunchPad (Studio 8), game shows Kancheong Kitchen (8TV), and Bikin Panas (TV9), award shows Shout Awards! (8TV) and also Bella Awards (ntv7).

2016 saw her bagging 2nd place for the broadcast category, on her show produced, ‘Bella Confidential: No Tobacco Day, Tobacco Awareness’, for the Blue Ribbon Awards, held by the Malaysian Health Promotion Board.

Lynn loves to combine various elements to tell a story. While not creating and performing, Lynn prefers living her life as a vagabond.