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Classes: Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre (Adults)

This training programme for adults focuses on developing skills in acting, singing, and dancing. Students go through various sessions that help develop their understanding of the body and voice, and how to use it well on stage. Through master classes, public performances, solo and group singing and dancing, the students gain a better understanding of how to perform confidently and convincingly on stage.


The Musical Theatre Program is a well-structured program, giving students the flexibility to learn according to their own pace and skills. Students work together to develop techniques in their dancing, singing, and acting, and understand how these are put together to stage musicals and full productions. In a nutshell, students learn: Music Theory, Singing, Dancing, Acting, Performance Practices, Audition Techniques, Rehearsal Etiquette, Body Conditioning, etc.

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Subjects this semester (May-August 2021)

Artistic Expression

Express yourself artistically with conviction and confidence in this series of exploration in breath vitality, movement, physical engagement and inspiration. Facilitator: Pearlly Chua

Music & Lyrics

Explore these techniques: key acting skills, interaction with text and character, proper preparation, understanding the composer's intent, understand how an actor tells a story musically, while supporting it vocally. Facilitator: Michelle Tan

Make Your Own Musical

Unpack selected pop songs, contextualise, build characters, and find creative ways to perform a story through songs that the world already knows. Facilitator: Sabrina Hassan

The Songs of Kander & Ebb

Challenge your acting and technical knowledge as well as your singing and song interpretation, with hits such as Chicago and Cabaret to discover the many layers of Kander and Ebb's characters and stories. Facilitator: Dominic Lucien Luk

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