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Valerie Chian

Valerie is in love with teaching kids how to be inspiring storytellers through imagination and creativity.


A bilingual drama & creative movement educator and versatile performing artist, Valerie Chian is a graduate of Singapore Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), with a Diploma in Theatre. Her recent training attended was the Communication Skills Course with Jill Coombs. She has also obtained the ATCL Diploma in Teaching Speech & Drama with Trinity College London in 2019.

Throughout her extensive teaching and performing years, she has developed a sense of nurturing personality while working with children. She believes that drama in education is an effective tool for cross-curricular context, such as language, history, culture etc. She enjoys connecting with learners through music & movement, puppetry, poetry and storytelling regardless their ages.

She is actively pivoting learning through drama online to continue to bring joy and creativity in teaching as well as learning to all.